Mooi Skin Starter Kit
Mooi Skin Starter Kit
Mooi Skin Starter Kit
Mooi Skin Starter Kit
Mooi Skin Starter Kit
Mooi Skin Starter Kit

Mooi Skin Starter Kit

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Introducing the Starter Kit - Your ultimate companion for achieving radiant, healthy skin and embracing the summer glow

  1. Luxurious White and Clear Cosmetic Case: Elevate your self-care routine with sophistication. Our stunning white and clear cosmetic case not only showcases your skincare treasures but also brings a touch of luxury to your beauty ritual.

  2. Rose Quartz Gua sha: Experience a profound cleanse and detoxification as you promote lymph drainage and eliminate toxins, blackheads, and congestion with our Rose Quartz Gua Sha. Sculpt and rejuvenate your face, revealing a brighter and clearer complexion with regular use.

  3. Mooi Skin Facial Headband: Adorn yourself with the chic Mooi Skin facial headband, ensuring your hair stays elegantly in place and setting the stage for an uninterrupted moment of self-indulgence.

  4. Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser: Wash away the stresses of the day with our exfoliating cleanser. Let the enzymes delicately dissolve any congestion, leaving your skin prepared for the rejuvenating journey ahead.

  5. Enzyme Exfoliator: Renew and refresh your skin with our powerful enzyme exfoliator, unveiling a brighter complexion and instilling a sense of renewal as you unwind.

  6. Nourishing Probiotic Mask: Pamper your skin with the replenishing power of our probiotic mask. Allow its rich, hydrating formula to infuse vitality and restore your natural radiance.

  7. Moisturiser: Quench your skin's thirst with our lightweight Moisturiser, the perfect finishing touch for a luminous and revitalized complexion.

  8. 100% Silk Eye Scrunchie: Care for your hair with our indulgent 100% silk scrunchie.

  9. The Beauty Chef Hydration, Inner beauty boost: Boost your skin's hydration by adding 1 teaspoon of our hydration to a cup of water, equivalent to drinking one cup of water.

Immerse yourself in the Starter Kit and prioritize self-care this holiday season. Revel in the journey to achieve a beautiful Summer Glow and embrace the radiance within.


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