Five Ingredients To Help Boost Hydration During The Cooler Months

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Combat dehydration and keep dryness at bay by looking for products that harness the hydrating powers of our five favourite ingredients


Winter isn’t always kind to skin.

Harsh weather, winter ills and frequent changes in temperature as we leave our cozy homes and venture outdoors can wreak havoc on your complexion.

This season, offer your skin a little extra TLC by bolstering your skincare regimen with products that promise to restore skin to its hydrated, glowing best.

But finding the right products to do so isn’t always easy, so to help you on your way we’ve compiled our five favourite moisturising skincare ingredients to look out for if hydration is the aim of your skincare game.


When it comes to hydration, hyaluronic acid reigns supreme. Revered by skincare aficionados, dermatologists and estheticians alike, hyaluronic acid is able to retain up to one thousand times its own weight in water. Talk about heavy lifting! Hyaluronic acid naturally occurs within the body, meaning it is highly unlikely to cause irritation for those with sensitive skin. When present in skincare, hyaluronic acid is derived from fermented wheat. Keep your eyes peeled for other forms of hyaluronic acid like sodium hyaluronate, which goes by a different name but posse

sses the same moisturising benefits.

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In skincare, humectants draw water to themselves, therefore helping preserve and retain moisture in the skin. One of the most popular of all humectants is glycerin, a water-soluble molecule that helps trap water deep within the skin’s epidermis. Using products containing glycerin means water is also drawn to the skin, leaving it feeling more hydrated and nourished. This colourless, odorless liquid is derived from plant sources, and is able to help protect the skin’s delicate barrier function, rendering it an ideal option for use in winter.

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Typically, we consider acids like glycolic, lactic and polyhydroxy acids as exfoliants, but interestingly, they also possess humectant properties. Incorporating products containing lactic acid in your skincare regimen will help keep skin moisturised and feeling less dry. Hydration aside, lactic acid boasts a host of other skin-loving benefits, including combating the visible signs of ageing, stimulating collagen renewal, fading hyperpigmentation and sloughing away dead skin cells. It’s important to note that lactic acid should not be used as your only source of hydration, so layer up a product containing lactic acid with a super hydrator like hyaluronic acid to lock in all of that dewy goodness.
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Whether smoothed over limbs or massaged into your face, shea butter is an excellent option for restoring moisture to the skin. The yellow-hued fat originates from the nut of the African shea tree, and is commonly used in cosmetics as a moisturiser, lotion or cream. Shea butter contains high concentrations of fatty acids and vitamins which helps to soften, condition and tone skin, while its anti-inflammatory properties help soothe irritation.
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What would this list be without including vitamin E! This fat-soluble antioxidant has been used in skincare for centuries for its hydrating and anti-ageing effects. Vitamin E is easily absorbed into the body, whether applied topically through skincare or internally via supplementation. But the myriad benefits of vitamin E extend far beyond healthy, glowing skin – it also helps promote a healthy immune system, supports cell renewal and combats the effects of free radicals.
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