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What is BioRePeel and why you will love it

Posted by Haley Asbridge on

It's the go-to chemical peel for skin tightening and correcting uneven skin tones.
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Is Your Gut Causing You to Break Out?

Posted by Haley Asbridge on

Is Your Gut Causing You to Break Out?

By Sheree Hannah Wellness

Gut health is all the hype at the moment, but what on earth has it got to do with the health of your skin? And more importantly why is it making you break out?

Well, your digestive health quite literally shows up on your skin. 

There are a variety of skin conditions that can appear as a result of poor diet and lifestyle choices. If we take this to a deeper level, and look at your digestive health, we can start to understand why our skin might be behaving the way it is… particularly in relation to acne!

As a holistic nutritionist that specialises in hormone and gut health, I have seen so many clients try taking numerous medications like isotane, doxycycline, accutane, the oral contraceptive pill, and other antibiotics to try and clear up their skin (yet still have so many issues with it).

Honestly, I get it! This was me all throughout my teens, but let me tell you a little secret… It doesn’t solve the problem because you aren’t treating the ROOT CAUSE!

You see the gut is the cornerstone to your health, it houses around 70 – 80% of your immune system, clears toxic build up and reduces inflammation. The only issue is, you may not have been giving your gut the love it needs to be functioning in a way that not only makes us healthy on the inside; improving energy and mood, but radiant on the outside with healthy awe-inspiring skin.

Your digestive system allows you to break down and absorb the nutrients from your food, however, if your gut microbiome (the bugs in your intestine) is out of balance (dysbiosis), you could be eating perfectly and still not have that beautiful glow. 

Your skin is the second largest organ in the body (after the fascia) and also plays a role in detoxification. The reason acne and breakouts can occur is because the detoxification system (aka your gut and liver) are overloaded and/or imbalanced. 

For example, you don’t have enough good bugs in your gut, so the bad bugs have a chance to take over, you can’t digest food and nutrients properly, your toxins build up and then the gut doesn’t move things effectively, and these toxins seep out into our bloodstream. 

As a result, because the body can’t eliminate these toxins through its normal route of bowel movements, the body pushes these toxins out of the skin (hello acne)! 

This is why the key to healthy glowing skin is to create a healthy internal environment (gut), so that it is reflected in a healthy external environment (our skin). 

So let’s help you with that… The good news is, it’s not a complicated fix! 

You need to start by ensuring you are having regular bowel movements (daily), to eliminate the toxins and waste from your body. So, if you’re experiencing constipation or diarrhoea on a regular basis, you may need to do a little further investigation as to what might be driving this (food intolerances, stress, hormonal imbalances). 

I suggest you start by including plenty of fibre, probiotic and prebiotic foods in your diet which will help to support your gut health and thus the health of your skin.

Nourishing your body internally and externally is the best combination for amazing results, so I recommend you pair this alongside topical skincare products (ideally medical grade) that are best suited to your skin type! 

Below are some examples these as well as of my favourite foods that I use to heal and repair the gut-skin connection: 

    • Non-starchy vegetables: leafy greens, broccoli, cauliflower, capsicum, zucchini, mushrooms etc are all fantastic in providing the body with fibre to help make up our stools.

    • Bone broth: particularly important for aiding in healing leaky gut as it is loaded with collagen, glutamine, gelatin and proline which help support the gut lining and integrity, as well as aid in digestion.

    • Fermented foods: like sauerkraut, kimchi, and kefir are great sources of natural probiotics that help repopulate and introduce beneficial bacteria into the gut.

    • Coconut oil: this is not only a great fat, but full of natural antimicrobial and antifungal benefits, you can even use it directly on the skin too!

  • Probiotic Supplement: if you want to make sure you are really supporting your gut health, adding in a high quality probiotic can make a HUGE difference over time. I suggest one like BePure Two to get you started as it is broad spectrum (aka has a great variety of diverse good bacteria). 

  • Yours in Health & Happiness,

    Sheree xo

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    The Benefits of Sleeping on Silk

    Posted by Haley Asbridge on

    The advantages of sleeping on silk are endless and we have chosen to partner with Silki the label as these are literally my favourite silk pillowcases.  They are 100% 22 momme silk ( the best silk pillowcases on the market).

    Silk is incredibly soft and gentle on your delicate skin, which, as we know, we need to avoid pulling and tugging on at all costs. On the contrary, cotton fibres can irritate the skin, aggravating conditions like acne, rosacea and anything driven by inflammation. As silk is a natural fibre, it breathes  which reduces bacteria related breakouts and irritation.

    Unlike cotton, silk will not absorb all of your night creams and serum so they can do their work on your skin rather than your pillowcase.

    Sleeping with your face buried into your pillow can cause wrinkles and fine lines as well as laxity in the skin. Those pesky embedded lines you wake up with after a deep sleep may seem harmless from the outset, however, they can do  more harm than you may realise. Sleep creases deepen over time.  Silk helps prevent these lines and is much easier than learning to be a back sleeper!

    As an added benefit, silk is great for your hair too. Your hair glides along the pillowcase, much like your skin so you can avoid waking up with frizzy bed hair.



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    The Importance Of Cleansing

    Posted by Haley Asbridge on

    When it comes to cleansing I’m a true believer that its necessary to cleanse in the morning and double cleanse in the evenings.

    The controversial morning cleanse.  To cleanse or not to cleanse? A morning cleansing is vital to a healthy skin as your  skins metabolic rate increases at night.  What this means is that your cells turn over more quickly at night and a production of new cells increases. Your morning cleanse will not only remove dead cell build up it will remove excess product, sweat and sebum from the night before.  If you want to get the most out of your serums and active ingredients then this step is important.

    I’m a firm believer in a nightly double cleanse, first with a gentle oil or milk to breakdown makeup, SPF and start to dissolve oil and grime.  Cosmedix Purity Solution or Cosmedix Crystal Cleanser are perfect here. Then, go in with something a little more active like Aspect Deep Clean which gently foams to really alleviate the pores of impurities.

    Sleeping in your makeup is proven to impair cells and inhibit the natural processes of repair and regeneration that our skin naturally carries out on its own overnight. This is in part due to occlusive fillers and silicons in our foundations as well as the free radical damage caused by fragrances, pigment and a host of other ingredients that may give us lush and voluminous lashes during the day, but are not so great for fine lines and collagen degradation.

    When removing your makeup, there are a few general rules of thumb:

    If you’re using a micellar
    • Saturate your cotton rounds to let the lotion do the work for you
    • Hold over each eye for 60 seconds to really break down makeup
    • Gently swipe inward and upward, working over the eye carefully and gently
    • Don’t pull, scrub or rub the eye contour even if the temptation is there – slow and steady wins the race!
    • For a micellar, I like Aspect Micellar Water


    If you’re using a cleansing balm, oil or milk:

    • Warm it between your hands to emulsify. This will avoid causing any drag on the skin
    • Use featherlight, circular motions

    • Ensure your facial cloth isn’t too hot to prevent redness and inflammation

    • For this method, I like Cosmedix Purity Cleanser or Environ Youth Essential Cleanser


    If you’re using a foam or gel-based cleanser:

    • Be mindful of the eye contour – surfactants can be drying and result in brittle lashes and brows with overuse
    • Remove with tepid water, even on a cold night
    • Here, I like Cosmedix Benefit Clean or  Aspect Dr Mild Clean


    How do I know what cleanser to use?

    You should always choose your cleanser based on your skin type, not your skin condition.  EG:  You may be a dry skin with some breakouts.  This does not mean you need a cleanser for acne skin. 

    The most important thing about a cleanser is ensuring you maintain the ph. level of the skin and do not over clean or strip the skin.  Your Skin Therapist will be able to help you choose the best cleanser for you.

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    Your Complete Guide To SPF This Summer

    Posted by Haley Asbridge on

    With so many options available, selecting the right sunscreen for you can feel like a minefield. Below, we take the hard work out of finding the SPF to suit your unique needs and skin type. 

    There’s no denying sunscreen is a year-round essential.

    While a little bit of sun exposure can be beneficial for boosting happy hormone serotonin levels, support vitamin D production in the body and lift your mood, it can also rapidly increase the risk of long-term health issues, as well as speed up the ageing process. That’s precisely why being sun smart is essential — enjoy being outdoors but avoiding damage at the same time.

    Unfortunately, the New Zealand sun is harsh, so prolonged sun exposure should be avoided and frequent re-application of sunscreen is a must to stay protected. Think every two hours or more often if sweating, swimming or towelling.

    Sunscreens come in many different textures and formulas, so the one you choose will depend on your skin type and lifestyle. Read on for our hot tips.


    Five Benefits Of Sun Exposure

    1. The sun increases your serotonin levels which can improve your mood

    2. When you are outside in the sunlight, your body produces vitamin D. This keeps your bones strong by helping your body absorb calcium and phosphorus, both of which are key minerals for bone health.

    3. The sun can strengthen your immune system. Vitamin D is critical for your immunity. Consistent and safe exposure to the sun will increase your vitamin D levels, therefore increase the strength of your immune system. 10-20 minutes a few days a week is all you need.

    4. Sun exposure can improve sleep. Your body creates a hormone called melatonin that is critical to helping you sleep. Because your body starts producing it when it’s dark, you usually start to feel sleepy two hours after the sun sets, which is one of the reasons our bodies naturally stay up later in the summer.

    5. Reduction of stress. Melatonin also lowers stress reactivity and being outside will help your body naturally regulate melatonin, which can help reduce your stress level. Additionally, because you're often doing something active when you’re outside (walking, playing, etc.), that extra exercise also helps to reduce stress.


    Four Reasons To Be Sun Smart

    1. It protects your skin from UVA and UVB rays. It’s vital to use SPF daily, all year round no matter the weather. UVA rays (which are responsible for wrinkles, premature ageing and skin damage) remain constant throughout the year and can penetrate through clouds, fog and even glass so it’s still possible to cause skin damage while indoors or when it’s cloudy.

    2. No one sunscreen will give you 100% SPF protection, but products with SPF 30 and SPF 50+ can shield your skin from 96% to 98% of UVB (burning) rays and lower your risk on skin cancer.

    3. It prevents premature ageing and helps maintain an even skin tone. Unprotected UV exposure is by far the single most ageing thing we can do to our skin and causes visible negative change. The sun degrades hyaluronic acid and collagen product as well as directly stimulating the melanocyte to produce (mostly uneven) pigment — resulting in hyperpigmentation or sunspots.

    4. Sun exposure is cumulative. Human skin is an excellent record keeper and stores every moment of sun exposure to manifest at a later time. Sun damage is cumulative (five mins in the car today and 10 minutes tomorrow all add up).


    Which Sunscreen Is Right For You?

    Discover our handy guide to help you choose the best facial SPF for you and your family this summer.

    For breakout-prone skin, try UV Daily SPF40, $78
    Serious UV protection and lightweight hyaluronic acid join forces in this moisturiser/sunscreen hybrid, which hydrates as much as it protects. It can be worn alone or under makeup, and comes as a tinted or untinted formula.
    View Product

    For dry skin, try PCA Sheer Tint SPF45, $90
    This formula remains our best-selling SPF and for good reason! This universally-tinted, water-resistant sunscreen provides sheer coverage and antioxidant protection, leaving skin with a beautiful, dewy glow. It’s chemical free so safe for use on people of any age, and it’s reef-safe formula renders it an excellent option for an active lifestyle. Ubiquinone helps fight free radical damage for added UV protection, too.
    View Product

    OR try Aspect Dr Sun Hydrating Face SPF50, $69
    This unique formula delivers high sun protection and skin nourishment in one step, helping support skin ageing while dosing up hydration.
    View Product

    For outdoorsy types, try PCA Weightless Protection SPF45, $99
    Defend against UV rays with this lightweight, fast-absorbing SPF, which is formulated with caffeine to prevent free radical damage. Ideal for daily use, this sunscreen pairs perfectly with a busy, outdoorsy lifestyle — it’s easy to reapply and offers maximum protection by coupling top quality SPF with antioxidants.
    View Product

    For the whole family, Elta MD UV Pure, $80
    Haley’s top pick for SPF for children aged six months and up, or sensitive skin types is Elta MD UV Pure. It’s chemical-free but still active, making it an ideal daily sunscreen. The gentle formula glides on wet or dry skin and rubs in quickly without leaving a white cast. UV Pure is formulated with physical active ingredients, all of which are photo-stable.
    View Product

    For teens, Coola Classic Face SPF30 Cucumber, $59
    Give skin an immediate matte finish and fight signs of ageing caused by the sun with this farm-to-face sourced, antioxidant-infused broad spectrum SPF30 mineral sunscreen. The cucumber-scented formula recruits natural reship oil which is rich in free radical-fighting vitamin C. It’s suitable for all skin types and skin tones, including those that are especially sensitive or oily.
    View Product

    For body, Coola Classic Body Organic Sunscreen Lotion SPF50, $59 and Coola Classic Body Organic Sunscreen Spray SPF50, $52
    Here at Mooi, we recommend starting the day with a lotion SPF, then topping up throughout the day with a SPF spray. Start with the Coola Classic Body Organic Sunscreen Lotion — an award-winning classic designed for long, active days in the sun but light enough for daily use. Follow this with a spritz of the ultra-sheer Coola Classic Body Organic Sunscreen Spray, a water-resistant broad spectrum UVA/UVB sunscreen spray which is excellent to top up your protection throughout the day.
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