Team Talks: Skin Specialist And Relaxation Expert Charlotte Sinclair

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Our Team Talks series introduces you to the Mooi experts who will help transform your skin


Following her graduation with a Diploma in Beauty and Spa Therapies from the Elite International Beauty School in 2014, Charlotte packed up her life and jetted off overseas to travel through the United States and Canada.

Her return home was timely, with Mooi Skin advertising for a part-time therapist to join the team. Haley and Charlotte had worked together in previous years, so Charlotte slotted into the Mooi team perfectly. Down the track, Charlotte moved into a full-time role after falling in love with the clinic and its team.


“My biggest skincare secret would be understanding how important the balance of oil and water levels in your skin are and absolutely essential for healthy, clear and glowy skin,” Charlotte says.

“For years (before my beauty training) I couldn’t understand why I was so oily yet so dry at the same time. I had congestion and oiliness on my T-Zone and desert dry cheeks – a very unbalanced combination skin type. Then I came to understand that your skin needs both oil and water hydration to be in a state of balance.”

“If you feel your skin is over-producing oil or gets shiny throughout the day, you may find that your water hydration levels in your skin are depleted and your skin can’t produce its own water to hydrate itself. So it overproduces oil to compensate,  leading to breakouts and congestion. The reverse is also true, if your skin is feeling dry yet you’re getting enough hydration from your skincare and diet, you may need to try incorporating some essential fatty acids into your lifestyle to balance your oil levels,” she advises.


Charlotte says she keeps her daily skincare routine simple, and doesn’t like to overcomplicate things. In the morning she’ll use the Cosmedix Purity solution cleanser, then Environ Eye Gel, PCA B Brightening Serum, PCA Clear Skin Moisturiser and PCA SPF, followed by Curtis Collection Mineral Makeup.

At night, Charlotte removes her makeup using Cosmedix Purity Solution Oil Cleanser, and double cleanses with Cosmedix Purity Clean Exfoliating Cleanser. Next is her Environ Eye Gel, Cosmedix Serum 24 and Cosmedix Remedy Oil. A few times per week Charlotte uses the Environ Revival Mask to exfoliate dead skin cells away, and tighten and plump skin.


Charlotte shares her ‘keep it simple’ approach to skincare with her loyal clients. “Your skincare routine and treatment plan doesn’t need to be complicated. As long as you are using good quality products with active ingredients which are suited to your skin type and concerns, you will get amazing results and maintain happy, healthy skin,” she says.

“Regular monthly facials tailored to suit you will keep your skin in great condition and for more intense collagen-boosting and resurfacing benefits, a needling or IPL rejuvenation bootcamp once or twice a year will boost results at a deeper level,” Charlotte explains.


Mooi Skin’s signature Trio is Charlotte’s favourite treatment for its tailored approach to treating all three layers of skin.

“The treatment starts with a peel to dissolve and break down the dead skin on the surface, followed by a deep cleanse to rid pores of debris, even out skin tone and hydrate. This is followed by an LED light treatment to boost collagen production, generate hyaluronic acid in the skin for hydration and repair, and deliver fresh nutrients to the skin. The finishing touch is a vitamin infusion which is tailored to suit your specific skin concerns, whether you’re in need of anti-ageing peptides, retinol, barrier strengthening or hydration,” she says.


  1. Watching? YouTube videos normally, a few of my faves are Anna Jaffrey, Valeria Lipovetsky and Naomi Smart.
  2. Reading? The Low FodMap Diet. I’m learning about which food groups are harder or easier to digest for sensitive stomachs.
  3. Coveting?  Nothing! I try to live as minimally as possible
  4. Listening to? The Balanced Blonde and The Goop podcasts on Spotify
  5. Loving? Yoga, Pilates, meditation and gratefulness journalling.


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