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Non Surgical trends in 2020 for great skin by Emma Lindley

Posted by Haley Asbridge on

We are seeing a trend towards clients wanting to access preventative treatments earlier and also clients that are prioritising and wanting to improve their overall skin health including injectable skin boosters.


20s, 30s, 40s or 50s.  Is there is a right age to start having Skin and injectable treatments?

Age is not a factor for wanting to commence skin and injectable treatments as they can be beneficial for corrective work that isn’t always age dependent for example treatments to improve a profile. In saying that if I had to put an age on “preventative injectable treatments” I would say that late 20s or early 30s is a great age to start as often the first signs of ageing are starting to appear. Exceptions to most cosmetic treatment would be if you were pregnant or breastfeeding so do consider this if you planning on when to start cosmetic treatment.

Maintenance involved in injectable treatments.

Maintenance can always be worked out depending on the client’s availability, budget, wants and needs. Things change in life so as a practitioner, I think it’s important to be as realistic and flexible as possible. Wrinkle relaxers usually last 3-4 months but areas treated more conservatively may have a reduced longevity. Depending on the product, dermal fillers can last anywhere from 6-24 months. It is best to keep up a consistent cosmeceutical home care routine as much as you can.

Every skin and face is very different so a consultation and treatment plan with an expert is away best.  Below are some ideas of effective treatments we use for the following areas.

  • Brighter complexion.

    A consistent use of a cosmeceutical home care routine including the use of a sunscreen daily is the best place to start! In clinic treatments such as peels, micro needling and injectable skin boosters can further improve results .

  • Fuller looking lips.

    Dermal fillers are amazing at not only augmenting but also rejuvenating the peri-oral area. Interestingly, treatment is often performed around the lip itself (in the peri-oral area and also the chin) to ensure that the result is balanced and seamless.

  • Double chin?

    Deoxycholic acid is an injectable agent that can assist in dissolving the stubborn submental fat that sits under the chin. It can often take a number of treatments but produce great results in a suitable candidate- pre consultation is paramount.

  • Acne scars?

    Once a consistent cosmeceutical home care routine is established and the acne is well controlled, micro needling is your best option for acne scarring. It works on the principle of wound healing to help stimulate your collagen and elastin to repair and reduce the scaring over time, it may take multiple treatments so patience and consistency is key.

  • Dark under eye circles?

    Under eye circles are often best reduced with a combination of topical skincare and if appropriate dermal filler to reduce the hollowing that can be present or treatment adjacently that can indirectly improve this area. The pigmentation can be a tricky one to reduce significantly as there are multiple causative factors as to why this occurs- a comprehensive consultation with a cosmetic medicine practitioner to assess your suitability for treatment would be the best option.

  • Crow’s feet?

    Having a few crow’s feet visible is a positive attribute so I never aim to remove them. Interestingly as women begin to get older often our brows begin to lower, flattening out and can create heaviness or excess skin in the upper eyelid. By treating the upper crow’s feet and the frown area with a wrinkle relaxer this can help to open the eye and lift the brow making most women appear refreshed and most importantly natural. The lower crows feet are best treated with a sprinkle of wrinkle relaxer to retain movement and soften the lines.

Things you should look out for when researching for looking for the right medical expert to perform your cosmetic treatments.

First and foremost looking at a practitioners credentials e.g. education, experience, collegiality etc is paramount. Secondly trying to learn more about what their aesthetic is and whether that fits in with the aesthetic goal you have in mind. Thirdly looking at the practitioners before and after photos to assess whether the results they produce are what you are looking for- be mindful to be critical of lighting, angles and comparability of the photos are there are numerous ways these can be altered to alter a result. I still believe word of mouth is the best way to find a practitioner that will be right for you so ask your natural fresh looking friends who they go and see!

How much is to much?  What a good expert will tell you so you don’t go to far.

You could get carried away if you wanted too, however a practitioner who has your best interests at heart won’t be afraid to say no to treatments that wont be best suited to you. Honesty is key- I take this very seriously I care for my clients as if they were my own family and provide them with the same level of respect, communication and honesty that they deserve. I see this relationship with my clients as a long term one- I will be caring for you not just for now but in the future too so in terms of injectables- less is always more.

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