Dermaquest Essential Moisturiser
Dermaquest Essential Moisturiser
Dermaquest Essential Moisturiser
Dermaquest Essential Moisturiser

Dermaquest Essential Moisturiser

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Designed for daily use to provide rich and deep hydration with anti-ageing benefits, DermaQuest Essential Moisturizer rejuvenates the skin, refining the complexion and eliminating wrinkles. Essential Moisturizer binds water to skin cells while the humectant properties of hyaluronic acid continue to draw moisture in for deep and long-lasting hydration. Featuring ingredients stimulate collagen production for increased skin elasticity, help skin cells proliferation, and tone the skin for a more uniform complexion. DermaQuest Essential Moisturizer is perfect for all skin types nourishment that removes free radicals to prevent any damage to the skin.

Vitamin A – also known as Retinol, it stimulates cell turnover, encourages collagen and elastin growth and exfoliates dead skin cells
Vitamin C – a rich antioxidant with skin brightening properties that also promotes collagen production
Vitamin E – Conditions, protects and fights free radicals while also moisturising and soothing dry skin
Matrixyl™ - Promotes the development of the dermal layer
MDI Complex® - effectively increases depth of hydration and moisture retention

After cleansing, apply Essential Moisturizer to the skin.
Allow to absorb and follow with spf, if appropriate.


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