Victoria Curtis Cosmetics Extreme Volume Mascara

Victoria Curtis Cosmetics Extreme Volume Mascara

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Maximise your lashes with this advanced formula that imparts extreme volume, separation, length, lift and defined lashes.

This vitamin-rich mascara adheres to each lash from base to tip for superior volume and performance for all-day wear.

Hypoallergenic Formula
Our new V-Shaped Packaging innovation has been engineered to allow for maximum volume on both the top and the bottom lashes.
The thicker side of the brush provides intense lengthening and volume for the upper lashes.
The thinner side of the brush allows for precise application on the bottom lashes without smudging colour!
Advanced polymer technology inspired by hair care, delivers exceptional lengthening, thickening and volume instantly
Silky new formula allows for easy application that glides on effortlessly.
Cashmere and amino acids for intense moisture
Highly reflective pigments which have been specially treated, enhance colour and intensify glossiness
Natural waxes attach to the lash tips for extreme volume and length

Film Forming Polymers helps to avoid transfer and provides water resistance
Sodium Hyaluronate helps to condition lashes
Thickening Complex delivers the ultimate volume
Vitamins C & E condition hair and assist in combating the damaging effects of free radicals
Panthenol condition and provide antioxidant protection.

For full ultra volumised lashes start at the base of the upper lashes using the thicker side of the V-shaped brush and zig-zag along the lashes from root to tip.
To define your lower lashes, turn the brush, using the thinner side, apply colour to the lashes. The thinner side of the brush will ensure that no smudging occurs during application!
Apply one coat of VX Volume Mascara to upper and lower lashes. For intense VOLUME wait 2 minutes until the formula has dried and then apply a second coat for extra separation, length and volume!


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