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Mooi Skin’s Founder, Haley, shares with us what her favourite product of the month is! 

Haley Asbridge Mooi Skin 

Your name is… Haley Asbridge

Your role is… Mooi Skin Founder

Your personal why is… To enhance confidence through healthy glowing skin.

Which is your favourite product for the month?
Cosmedix Pure Enzymes

Why have you chosen this product?
This product is a great exfoliant which removes surface cells and clogged pores while nourishing with Cranberry and lactic acid. It leaves the skin looking so bright and it feels so smooth afterwards.

It is great for all year round but I do love it in winter as it breaks down all of the dry dead skin that sits on the surface during winter and brings back the skin’s radiance and glow.

Usage tips
Apply a small amount onto clean skin in the evening one to two times a week. Leave on for 3-10 minutes. Start with 3 and then as the weeks go by you will be able to add a minute or 2 each week and build up to 10 mins for a deeper exfoliation.

Rinse with water and follow with serums and moisturizer. For an even better result use a hydrating mask for 20 minutes after such as the Restore mask.

Key Ingredients:
L-Lactic Acid and Cranberry Enzymes

Are there any other products that go well with this one?
Yes! Follow with a hydrating mask such as The Cosmedix Restore mask or Aspect Hydrating Mask.

Who would best suit this product?
Anyone who wants to get a good exfoliation and a healthy glow. It’s like a mini peel at home.

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