Team Talks: Naturopathic Skin Therapist Nicola Wood

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The newest addition to the Mooi Skin team brings with her a wealth of knowledge when it comes to supporting skin from the inside out.

Naturopathy and skincare go hand in hand, and no one understands this more than Nicola Wood, Mooi Skin’s new naturopathic skin therapist. 


Naturopathic Skin Therapist Nicola WoodTraditionally, naturopathic and herbal medicine looks at what’s out of alignment in the body, and ascertains the systems that need a helping hand, Nicola explains. Think of it like a chink in a railway track – you need to find the chink and push it back to restore alignment and balance in the body.

“I don’t treat symptoms, I try to find what is driving an issue,” Nicola says.

“This philosophy fits with skin health as most skin conditions are linked to an internal imbalance. By delving deeper and seeing what the body is telling us, and looking at nutritional deficiency signs, the body can work optimally again. A healthy and happy body = a healthy and happy skin.”

New to the Mooi Skin team but an old friend and colleague of founder Haley Asbridge, Nicola and Haley say they’re delighted to be working together once again.


The Auckland-based mother of two (well, four if you include her two fur babies) is an experienced skin therapist, qualified naturopath and herbalist.

When she’s not nose-first in her favourite book or hanging out with her children, Nicola is passionate about healing and loves to help those with chronic conditions find health again.

Nicola brings with her 18 years of experience taking clients on personalised skin journeys both here and across the ditch in Sydney. From facials to peels to IPL, Nicola is committed to helping her clients achieve their skin goals in a holistic way.

As Mooi Skin’s resident naturopathic skin therapist, Nicola will treat the skin externally with advanced products and treatments, and internally with supplements, herbs and lifestyle advice, as well as conduct comprehensive skin consultations (more on that below).


Here, Nicola shares her top tips for boosting your immunity and promoting skin health during the cooler winter months.

Let food be thy medicine.

Proper nutrition lays the foundation for immune function. “Food really is our first and best medicine, it literally makes us,” Nicola says. A healthy immune system is about so much more than boosting white blood cell count, it’s also about the basics: digestive function, gut health, reducing inflammation and promoting overall well-being. What does our immune system love to eat to make it big and strong? Opt for a seasonal diet rich in fresh vegetables – think salads with lots of fresh herbs for a happy immune system. And what makes our immune system sad? The usual suspects – sugar, processed or refined foods.

Stay cool, calm and collected.

Stress depletes nutrients in the body that are essential for immune function, which reduces our ability to fight off pathogens. Discover a new hobby that aids relaxation – such as yoga, reading, meditation, exercise or dancing. If you do find yourself getting stressed (due to work pressures or lifestyle factors) boost your immunity by supplementing with vitamin C, vitamin D, zinc and essential fatty acids.

Prioritise sleep.

A lack of sleep can affect immune function, so hit the hay early to get a restful nights’ sleep. If sleep doesn’t come easily to you, try supplementing with magnesium, reduce exposure to devices that emit blue light, drink relaxation teas like chamomile tea or try calming herbs for their sedative effect.

Get outside in nature.

Studies have shown that spending time in nature and breathing fresh air aids immune health. This is due to the body falling into a parasympathetic nervous state, as opposed to ‘fight or flight’ mode which shuts down many bodily systems including our digestive system and immune function. Our immunity functions best in ‘rest and digest’ mode.

Supplement with minerals

Minerals are the building blocks of health, and even a tiny imbalance can throw off the way our body and cells function. Key minerals for immune function are zinc and iron. Zinc is important for cell regeneration and repair (perfect for tissue healing after an active skin treatment) as well as combatting illnesses like infections. Iron is crucial to the immune system as those with an iron deficiency (or anaemia) are often more likely to all manner of infection. A simple blood test can detect this.

Supplement with vitamins Some vitamins may need a bit more of a boost than others during winter. Three immune-boosting vitamins include vitamins A, C and D. Vitamin A is important for the health of our mucous membranes – it aids tissues that line our gut, sinuses and lungs, as well as offers support for our immune response to viruses. Vitamin C is everyone’s go-to as soon as a tickly throat or runny nose appears, but it also boosts collagen production and the mobility of our white blood cells that fight off infection. Vitamin D (or the sunshine vitamin), is important for skin health, more so in winter when our skin looks less glowing and feels more dull or thick. This is due to a lack of vitamin D which impacts the keratinisation of skin and how well we slough away dead skin cells. It is safe to take up to 4000iu of vitamin D daily. A few minutes of sun exposure on bare skin each day will also help.

Supplement with probiotics

Our gut flora is an essential part of our body and health. Fun fact: one course of antibiotics can wipe out your gut flora, and take more than two years to replenish? Scary stuff. An imbalance in gut flora allows for pathogens, fungi,

and bad bacteria to proliferate – all of which negatively impact our liver, immunity and skin. Supplementing with a good probiotic supports gut flora by boosting beneficial bacteria to bring the gut back to a harmonious state. Incorporating fermented products into your diet such as kefir, sauerkraut and kombucha (the homemade version is lower in sugar) can also help restore balance to your gut flora. Start with small amounts and increase as your tolerance builds.

Take the next step and book your Comprehensive skin consultation with Nicola.

If you’ve all but given up dealing with skin conditions like acne, rosacea or pigmentation, or you want to take your Mooi Skin treatments to the next level, prepare to transform your skin by booking your 90-minute comprehensive skin consultation with Nicola.

Each consultation costs $120 and includes a deep dive into the internal and external causes for the skin condition, plus advice on supplementation. Mooi Skin proudly stocks practitioner-only supplements, as well as those from BePure, Advanced Skin Nutrition and Lypospheric Vitamin C.

Click here to book now.

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