Six Reasons Why You Should Invest In Your Skin

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It seems the old adage: “you get what you pay for” also rings true for skincare.. When it comes to your face, now’s not the time to be thrifty – investing in your skin now will pay dividends later!


Regular skin treatments and consistent use of products suited to your skin type and concern can help prevent premature ageing, protect against environmental damage, combat dehydration and ensure your skin looks its glowing, radiant best in the future. Invest in your skin now and your future face will thank you for it.

If achieving lasting, impactful results is top of your skincare agenda, then trusting a qualified skin expert with your in-clinic treatments and allowing them to prescribe your at-home regimen should be top priority.

You wouldn’t expect a gourmet meal from your local drive-through, so why would you expect dramatic results from fast food’s answer to skincare?!

Allow the Mooi Skin team to help you become better acquainted with your skin – learn how it functions and how best to care for it. Understanding your skin’s specific needs and how you can support its function is the key to skin confidence!

Here, we’ve compiled six reasons why you should invest in your skin this season.

  1. SKIN TREATMENTS BACKED BY SCIENCE Every machine at Mooi Skin has been carefully selected for it’s proven efficacy. Hours of research has gone into choosing which machines are integral to certain skin treatments. For example, Mooi Skin offers LED light treatments, however the machine used to offer this service is triple the price of those available in low-cost clinics that use less effective machinery. Don’t be fooled, while a cheap treatment may seem enticing, wouldn’t you rather spend a little more and get the results in half the time?
  2. PROVEN SKINCARE This is no ordinary #shelfie. The brands stocked on Mooi Skin’s shelves and in its treatment rooms are praised for their dermatologist stamp of approval. From the high performance Aspect range through to Cosmedix’s plant-based offering, Mooi Skin is selective with which products align with its skin philosophy.
  3. STAFF THAT KNOW THEIR STUFF The Mooi Skin team understands skin. Each member holds international esthetician qualifications and a minimum of six years’ industry experience. Unlike many other clinics, where staff have little experience or new graduates from beauty college, the Mooi Skin team undergo months of training both in and out of the clinic before they can perform any advanced skin treatments. Like many industries, good help is hard to find, so Mooi Skin pays a premium to have such specialised skin experts on staff.
  4. WHERE SKINCARE MEETS WELLNESS The treatments offered at Mooi Skin are so much more than just that. Upon Mooi Skin’s inception in 2018, founder Haley Asbridge sought out to create a relaxing space that helped clients unwind no matter what their treatment entailed. “I believe relaxation is just as important as a good treatment for the skin to get results,” Haley explains. Like many lifestyle factors, stress can wreak havoc on the skin and aggravate many skin conditions, so basing Mooi Skin around holistic practices was a key focus for Haley.
  5. CONSISTENCY IS KEY Good things take time, which is why the team recommends pairing a course of in-clinic treatments with a home-based skincare regimen to see dramatic skin improvements. While it won’t happen overnight, this tailored approach will mean changes will be visible in due course.
  6. MAKEUP WILL SIT MORE EVENLY While many women will happily shell out hundreds of dollars on the latest eye palette or serum-based foundation, there’s little point in building up an impressive makeup collection if the canvas on which you’re applying such products isn’t its glowing, radiant best. Healthy, hydrated skin acts as an ideal base for flawless makeup application. Check out the cult favourite Curtis Collection makeup range available at Mooi.

Mooi Skin invests in its equipment, staff, and skincare to help you do the same.

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~ Ash Cometti has spent the past eight years writing about all things beauty for some of the country’s most esteemed magazine titles, including New Zealand Weddings, Remix and Viva. A beauty junkie at her core, Ash is forever binge-watching her favourite beauty YouTubers, sourcing her makeup look inspo on Instagram, or (much to her husband’s dismay) taking up far too much drawer space in the bathroom


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