The Benefits of Sleeping on Silk

Posted by Haley Asbridge on

The advantages of sleeping on silk are endless and we have chosen to partner with Silki the label as these are literally my favourite silk pillowcases.  They are 100% 22 momme silk ( the best silk pillowcases on the market).

Silk is incredibly soft and gentle on your delicate skin, which, as we know, we need to avoid pulling and tugging on at all costs. On the contrary, cotton fibres can irritate the skin, aggravating conditions like acne, rosacea and anything driven by inflammation. As silk is a natural fibre, it breathes  which reduces bacteria related breakouts and irritation.

Unlike cotton, silk will not absorb all of your night creams and serum so they can do their work on your skin rather than your pillowcase.

Sleeping with your face buried into your pillow can cause wrinkles and fine lines as well as laxity in the skin. Those pesky embedded lines you wake up with after a deep sleep may seem harmless from the outset, however, they can do  more harm than you may realise. Sleep creases deepen over time.  Silk helps prevent these lines and is much easier than learning to be a back sleeper!

As an added benefit, silk is great for your hair too. Your hair glides along the pillowcase, much like your skin so you can avoid waking up with frizzy bed hair.



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