The Importance Of Cleansing

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When it comes to cleansing I’m a true believer that its necessary to cleanse in the morning and double cleanse in the evenings.

The controversial morning cleanse.  To cleanse or not to cleanse? A morning cleansing is vital to a healthy skin as your  skins metabolic rate increases at night.  What this means is that your cells turn over more quickly at night and a production of new cells increases. Your morning cleanse will not only remove dead cell build up it will remove excess product, sweat and sebum from the night before.  If you want to get the most out of your serums and active ingredients then this step is important.

I’m a firm believer in a nightly double cleanse, first with a gentle oil or milk to breakdown makeup, SPF and start to dissolve oil and grime.  Cosmedix Purity Solution or Cosmedix Crystal Cleanser are perfect here. Then, go in with something a little more active like Aspect Deep Clean which gently foams to really alleviate the pores of impurities.

Sleeping in your makeup is proven to impair cells and inhibit the natural processes of repair and regeneration that our skin naturally carries out on its own overnight. This is in part due to occlusive fillers and silicons in our foundations as well as the free radical damage caused by fragrances, pigment and a host of other ingredients that may give us lush and voluminous lashes during the day, but are not so great for fine lines and collagen degradation.

When removing your makeup, there are a few general rules of thumb:

If you’re using a micellar
• Saturate your cotton rounds to let the lotion do the work for you
• Hold over each eye for 60 seconds to really break down makeup
• Gently swipe inward and upward, working over the eye carefully and gently
• Don’t pull, scrub or rub the eye contour even if the temptation is there – slow and steady wins the race!
• For a micellar, I like Aspect Micellar Water


If you’re using a cleansing balm, oil or milk:

• Warm it between your hands to emulsify. This will avoid causing any drag on the skin
• Use featherlight, circular motions

• Ensure your facial cloth isn’t too hot to prevent redness and inflammation

• For this method, I like Cosmedix Purity Cleanser or Environ Youth Essential Cleanser


If you’re using a foam or gel-based cleanser:

• Be mindful of the eye contour – surfactants can be drying and result in brittle lashes and brows with overuse
• Remove with tepid water, even on a cold night
• Here, I like Cosmedix Benefit Clean or  Aspect Dr Mild Clean


How do I know what cleanser to use?

You should always choose your cleanser based on your skin type, not your skin condition.  EG:  You may be a dry skin with some breakouts.  This does not mean you need a cleanser for acne skin. 

The most important thing about a cleanser is ensuring you maintain the ph. level of the skin and do not over clean or strip the skin.  Your Skin Therapist will be able to help you choose the best cleanser for you.

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